Somersizing: The Best “Diet” This Fat Chick Has Ever Tried

If you hate talking about diets or dieting or food or anything like that, you might as well stop here.  If you also hate it when people plug things that are endorsed by B-list celebs, you should also probably give this a miss.  If, however, you are always up for chit-chat about diets and such, stick around.  Have I got one for you.

I came home about 10 minutes and jumped on the scales.  I weigh myself at least three times a week, now that I have a scale.  I know, I know – you aren’t supposed to weigh more than once a week, but whenever there’s a scale around, I get weighed.  Unless I know that I’ve been gaining weight and am scared to look.  Then I avoid the thing like it’s the plague.  Right now, though, I’m on a diet, and the scale is more often friend than foe.

I have been Somersizing since early summer.  I had gained a lot of weight the past year, and I had been packing it on during my hiatus from Korea, as well.  I wasn’t eating well, hadn’t been eating well, and it was starting to really show.

I’ve never been a svelte person and, although I harbor visions of myself dancing around like a prima ballerina in a size 4, I’m also realistic about the possibility of that ever happening.  Frankly, the smallest I’ve ever been in my adult life is a 10, and I was thrilled to be that small at the time.  I also had to practically starve myself to get there.

In any case, I’d ballooned out to my heaviest-ever size over the past winter and spring.  I was overeating like it was going out of style, and honestly, I didn’t feel good.  I had zero energy, and even running up stairs or walking up the steep hill to our apartment complex left me winded and drained.  I wasn’t happy about it, but my weight was in this upward spiral, and I didn’t know what to do to control it.

When I was in high school, I was very overweight, too.  I went on a doctor-supervised fast program called HMR.  I lost about 130 pounds and went from a size 24 to a size 10.  I ran a 10K every day, lifted weights, and was basically the fittest person you ever saw.  I went to college and slowly, I started to do what my dietitians called “the creep.”  I went back on the Margaret version of HMR (drinking nothing but Slim-Fast for months), and I lost it all again.  But then I went to Germany, and I gained 50 lbs. in beer, delicious European bread, and Nutella.

Since then, I’ve been struggling to maintain a somewhat reasonable weight with varying degrees of success.  I’ve done the liquid diet once more since then, but I couldn’t stay on it long enough to lose everything I wanted.  Besides that, I was tired of all the weight piling back on the minute I started eating again.  I lost a lot of weight when I first came to Korea, but I attribute that mostly to being afraid to go out in search of Western food rather than eating a steady, healthy diet of Korean food.

In any case, I had essentially come to the breaking point.  I knew that I had to do something or I was going to start seeing negative repercussions in my health, and I don’t want to check out any sooner than I have to.  I decided that, since I couldn’t do Slim-Fast, I had to find something else that was doable for me.  I shopped around a lot of diets, but it seems like a lot of them require certain things or foods that either aren’t available in Korea or just weren’t appealing anyway.

Then I stumbled on an article about Suzanne Somers.  Actually, the article was completely unrelated to dieting; it was about how to home-cure mild radiation exposure.  (This was right after the disaster in Japan and everyone in Asia was freaking out about radiation poisoning.)  Anyway, I noticed that not only did she have an interesting blog about alternative medicine, she’s apparently some sort of diet guru.  Frankly, the only time I remembered hearing about her was on Sex and the City 2 when Samantha reads her book and starts taking copious amounts of vitamins.

I browsed through the rules of the diet and thought that it sounded pretty simple, so I ended up buying the book on my Kindle (miracle device).  It was probably the best $12 or so that I ever spent.  I read the book cover-to-cover in one night, wrote down the rules, and decided that I would make a Monday start out of it.  And I never looked back.

As of today, I have lost somewhere between 80 and 90 pounds.  I don’t know what my original weight was, but I know what I weighed when I came to Korea, and I know that I’d gained about 25-30 pounds on top of that, so I’m approaching the big 1-0-0 already.  I don’t look it, I know, but that’s because I’d let myself go for so long.

But I’ve been blathering about myself for too long.  Let me tell you about this miracle diet.  Here are the rules:

1. No “funky foods,” as Suzanne calls them.  That includes white flour, all sugar, potatoes, bananas, sweet potatoes, milk with fat in it, beer, wine, alcohol avocados, corn, carrots, all squashes, white rice, and caffeine, among others.
2. Eat protein/fat (meat and cheese, basically) with vegetables.
3. Eat carbohydrates with vegetables.
4. Eat fruit by itself at least 30 minutes before a meal or two hours after a meal.
5. Eat at least three meals a day.  Do NOT skip meals.
6. Wait three hours between meals if you’re switching from protein to carbs.
7. Do NOT eat protein or fat with carbs.

That’s it.  There is no point- or calorie-counting.  You don’t have to follow a special exercise regimen.  You don’t have to eat a particular food to the point of being nauseous.  You can even cheat.

Yep.  Cheat.  I cheat.  I drink beer or whiskey sometimes.  I had a few bites of bread and more than a few bites of cake for Graeme’s birthday.  I’ve still lost four pounds this week.  As far as the cheating goes, I’ve added an eighth rule that my uncle Chris taught me and his first weight loss guru taught him: you’ve gotta be good 80% of the time.  I’ve upped that to 95% because honestly, I’ll be bad once too often at 80%.

The rules sound complex at first, but they’re not.  Once you get used to eating carbs by themselves, it’s not a big deal.  I just got it through my head early on that eating too many carbs was going to slow my weight loss, and it does.  The more fat, protein, vegetables, and fruit I scarf down, the faster I lose weight.  The minute I eat too much no-fat yogurt or cereal, it slows down.

The theory behind it is anything that triggers an insulin response (sugar, starch, carbs) has the potential to cause you to gain weight, especially if it’s eaten with fat.  The books explain it quite succinctly, so I’m not going to go into excruciating detail here, but I will absolutely cosign on the claim that eliminating sugars and processed food will help you to lose weight.  By gar, it put me on the right path.

Within one week of starting this diet, my energy returned, and I felt like a new woman.  I have struggled and fought with myself over my weight my whole life, and I’m not fighting anymore.  I’m losing a steady 2-3 pounds a week – sometimes more, sometimes less.  I am NOT hungry, and I have never felt deprived.  I don’t count calories and have no desire to.

I have, however, started cooking a lot more.  Most processed foods go out the window when you start Somersizing because EVERYTHING seems to have starch and sugar in it, if it comes in a package.  I’ve started learning a lot more about the things we put in our mouths, and it’s really frightening what’s considered healthy in America today.  It’s no wonder everyone’s so obese, given the amount of high fructose corn syrup and sugar we ingest.

I plan to stay on this system forever.  I am currently what’s called Level 1, the weight loss phase, but someday I will move on the Level 2 and be able to enjoy more sugar and starch in moderation.  But honestly, I’m not hurting.  Kate Moss is right about one thing: nothing tastes as good as thin(ner) feels.

If anyone out there is having problems dropping the pounds, I highly recommend Suzanne’s regimen.  Actually, I’ve read a couple of her books now, and I really love a lot of what she has to say on health and wellness.  My outlook on my health has changed tremendously, and I no longer feel like being on a diet – I hate to even call it that, because I don’t feel deprived – is some torture sentence designed to keep me away from something that I love.  This is definitely a great way to go if, like me, you are a “bulk eater.”

I highly suggest checking out Suzanne’s books, even if you aren’t looking to lose any weight.  Get them at the library, if you aren’t in the market to buy.  She has some interesting ideas on a lot of aspects of health and wellness.  If any of the rest of you decide to give it a go, let me know how you’re doing and what you think!

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I started this blog when I was an American expat living in Changwon, South Korea. I also spent time in France and Germany, and a good portion of my twenties were spent overseas. I clicked my heels together back in 2013 and decided there was no place like home, home being Jacksonville, Illinois. We'll see how I feel in another two years. My ex-husband and I met in Korea. He's English, and we have three daughters together. He's there, and the kids and I are here. When I'm not wearing the "Mom" hat, I enjoy reading, writing, playing my 12-string guitar, sailing, canoeing, and various other nerdy pursuits. I like bourbon and beer, music and concerts, good conversation, museums of all sorts, beaches, comfortable tennis shoes and Chacos, libertarian political theory, and creme brûlée. The Rons are my heroes - Ron Paul and Ron Swanson. I hate Radiohead, home parties, that weird peachy hairspray smell from Bath & Body Works that makes me gag, SJW logic (there is none), and giant rims.

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  1. That’s great- sounds really good to me. I know one lady here at work does something like that. Everyone else at work keeps jumping on the HCG bandwagon, which I think sounds crazy (umm taking prego lady hormones=bad idea lol). I have slowly gained from my desk job and too much grabbing fast food and sugary coffees, but my biggest problem is my hypoglycemia has gotten so bad. I can’t go a few hours without eating and feeling shaky, so I wanted to try to cut out sugar. So I tried Dukan- I lasted 3 whole days and lost almost 5 lbs in those 3 days, but omg I felt so nauseous and I think my blood sugar just was so low it made me feel sickly. But I bought a Sugar Busters diet and recipe book to try. I just am scared of getting diabetes, because my blood sugar is so out of whack already. But that diet you’re doing sounds really good too. I know if I ate better, I would feel a lot better- I’m just living on coffee to keep me going, but otherwise so groggy and tired.

  2. Honestly, give the Somersize diet a try. It’s famous because of Suzanne Somers, but it should really be called the Schwarzbein Diet. It was created by Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, who is an endocrinologist. It works extremely well to level out blood sugar and bring down cholesterol. It talks a lot about eating foods that don’t elicit a major insulin response and makes the point that, the more your blood sugar is dipping and spiking, the more likely it is that you’re gaining weight. It’s really interesting.

    I’ve never tried Sugar Busters, but I’ve heard it’s a good one. I honestly can’t imagine you being anything other than tiny-skinny! 🙂 Working in an office puts the weight on, though. I gained a bunch when I started working at the bank and stopped walking around campus and such all day. It was ridiculous.

    Anyway, I wholeheartedly recommend checking out Somersize. Check out the actual book, though – a lot of the website reviews about it aren’t exactly accurate. Some of them call it a “very low calorie diet,” which it isn’t. It’s just a low-sugar diet.

    I agree somewhat about the HCG thing. My cousin has been on it, and he’s lost a whole bunch of weight. I can’t decide if I think the hormones are more dangerous or if being extremely overweight is more dangerous. I will say that I’ve done a lot of yo-yo dieting and starved a bunch of it off, and it’s always come back. I think I’m finally beginning to subscribe to the idea that weight that comes off slowly and naturally is more likely to stay off.

    Good luck on your diet! Let me know how it’s going!

    • Yeah, I will have to check it out at the library (I’ve been really bad buying piles of books from Amazon lately! lol). I haven’t gained a whole lot, but enough that the jeans I was wearing when I started working here don’t fit anymore! 😦 I am not gonna lie, I tried the Dukan diet because I heard Kate Middleton did it (me and my celeb obsessions haha). Jacqui, Eric, and I did it- Jacqui lasted the longest. It made you lose weight fast, but I felt so sickly and when I ate normally the weight came back even faster. And that’s my main reason to change my diet, I just feel like crap from all my runs to McDs/Starbucks in the morning when I don’t have time for breakfast. Honestly, low sugar/carbs is what I really need. I’m such a sugar addict, it’s ridiculous!

      But yeah, I think a healthy diet is really important- all the processed junk just has too many negative effects. I’m just really bad at sticking with stuff and I really feel like all the sugar/carbs are really addictive. I also really like Michael Pollan’s ideas, especially his basic premise “Eat food- not too much- mostly plants” and the Clean Diet ideas. I went through a phase of ridding my house of all the junk food and trying to only buy unprocessed, real food. It’s just too easy to slide back into old habits. But I felt a lot better when I did eat that way!

      Thanks and good luck to you too! I will let you know how it goes- gonna hop on the library site and see if I can reserve the book! 🙂

  3. Yes I agree – this isn’t like a diet at all and you lose weight while enjoying real food (and I love to eat)! There is no carb deprivation really, you can still eat one carbo meal a day (with no fat) and then proteins and vegetables with FAT (sometimes lots of it, yeaaa) the rest of the time. I eat a lot of veggies, meat, some fruit, some carbs and all very tasty. NO sugar, which is okay by me. You can use stevia in some cases anyway, it’ll do the trick if you need something sweet (or a nice fruit smoothie, or just fruit, eaten alone of course…it’s about combining and not combining). I’m talking level one of course, until you get to maintenance and when you switch to level 2 you can add some funky foods, and the desserts look great). This is an eating regime you can stick with as a lifestyle and not a diet….so not deprived, it’s the best!

  4. I eat a lot of meat and veggies, too, although my weight loss as slowed down quite a lot, now that I’m past the 100-lb. mark, and I’m switching out some of the meat for more veggies. I don’t eat that much fruit, but it’s winter, and most of our fruit here is a bit gnarly, at the moment.

    I will never go back to another way of eating. I feel great, I look SO much better, and the diet just makes sense. Sometimes I get hungry for my carbs, but I don’t deprive myself. If I’m going to have some bread – they don’t have whole wheat in Korea – I make sure that I’m doing a carb-only day. No meat and no cheese.

    Whatever the case, I love this so-called “diet,” and I’m glad that there are others out there who are having lots of success with it. Happy “dieting,” Leeanne!

  5. This is the only diet I can lose weight with. I have all her books and recipes. I bought the first one about 13 years ago and have been creating my own recipes based on her somersizing rules since then. Love it!

  6. This is a great pkan!! I love it. I have learned how to combine the foods and Im off and running.

    • I hope you’ll have as great a success with it as I have. Seriously, I love low-carbing. I’m such a believer in it.

      I have never tried the Somersweet since I’ve been living overseas and can’t get it here, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it whenever I get back home.

  7. I’m a male over 6′ and I used this diet to go from 270 to 218lbs. it is certainly the best diet for me since I paid no attention to any portion control and was never hungry. Somersize rocks !!

  8. I “stumbled” upon your blog. I have also used this plan. It was the only way I’ve ever been able to loose significant weight after having my kids. My error (huge), was in stopping 10 yrs ago, and returning to old, bad habits! I’m looking for the motivation to start up again ( when I found your post!). My only concern is coffee. I never really drank it before. I’m concerned now that it will keep me from being successful again. I do love my coffee. Another issue, I’m a nurse and often skip meals. I know this is not good for me, but I was a stay at home Mom the first time I Sommersized; had more than enough time to plan and shop for good quality food. Anyway, I know the changes that need to be made. Congrats on your weight loss. I don’t understand why more people don’t try her plan. It truly is the best, with the most consistent weight loss I’ve ever found. Thanks for the motivation to get started again!

    • You’re welcome! I need some motivation to get started again! I just came back to the US, and all the amazing food as gotten me severely off-track. Fortunately, I’m mostly maintaining what I’ve already lost. Gotta get into a good exercise regime and just get back to it!

  9. So, I drink a morning meal replacement shake (shakeology) it’s chocolate or vanilla flavored and not like typical meal replacements. it’s made with 70 raw superfoods.. and sweetened with stevia not sugar. I drink it every morning with coconut milk, and peanut butter and blueberries or strawberries blended with ice.. So this would be a problem on this diet? I really want to try this. I’ve lost 53 lbs last year with the HcG diet, and gained 26 lbs back because of a shoulder surgery.. It is VERY difficult to cook when you can’t lift your arm up. So now I’m trying to lose the weight but I seriously HATE no no no LOATHE counting calories. I tried counting points,, but i just hate counting anything at all.. It really makes me nuts and I feel like it makes me obsess over food even more than I already do.. So this sounds pretty perfect for me, but I want to know if I’d have to give up my shakes because seriously I’ll be really sad. I get so much energy from these shakes and they make me feel amazing.

    • I don’t really know anything about Shakeology, but most of the shakes I know of on the market, like Slim Fast, aren’t compatible with Somersize. This is usually due to the carb content in conjunction with fat, milk products, etc. I imagine Suzanne Somers probably sells her own meal replacement shakes – in fact, I’m sure she does – but I know that not everyone wants to change a good thing, and I’ve never tried them and wouldn’t shill them unless I really loved them.

      I will say that I’ve done the meal replacement thing. In fact, I did it for years, and I lost a ton of weight with it. The program was called HMR. The problem was that I couldn’t keep it off. They left me too hungry. What can I say? I’m a bulk eater! Still am!

      So yeah, bottom line is that without looking at the shakes, I couldn’t be certain if they’re compatible with the program, but my instant reaction would be no. I would read through the Somersize rules and then evaluate the nutrition label on your shakes and see if it’ll work. I will say too that my other feeling is that if you’re only replacing one meal a day with the shake, it probably won’t have much effect on the eating plan, but I don’t know. I think as long as you generally avoid carbs, you’ll be fine. I don’t think too hard about the Somersize rules, at this point. I just avoid pasta, bread, and carbs when I’m eating protein and fat, and my weight is steady, although I’ll probably start back to trying to lose when spring rolls around.

      I will say that carb-cutting makes you feel tons better, and yeah – NO COUNTING! I’m not much for math in diets, either!

  10. I love Somersizing. I miss the old forums. There was so much information and new recipes everyday. I don’t understand why they took it down.

    • I’m pretty out of the loop on forum stuff, and I’m not much of a participator anyway, but I used to know a couple of places where you could get Somersize recipes. I’d have to go look on my other computer, though.

  11. For folks looking for recipes, try searching Somersize on PINTEREST 🙂 I too love Somersize and it’s the only “diet” that I had long term success with and felt that I could maintain as a lifestyle! Just need to stay away from the wine! It’s leads to crisps (potato chips!)….Good luck everyone!

  12. I think i am going back on Somersizing. The HCG leaves me starving.I lost 45lbs in 2 months on Somersizing in 2000.

    • Good for you! Yeah, I did a VLCD back in high school. It was literally starving the weight off with doctor supervision. I looked awesome afterwards, and I kept the weight off for a long time, but it didn’t really teach me the whole lifestyle change thing. Somersizing was the first time I’d ever made a change I felt I could pretty well stick to. I’m not really on it right now, but as soon as this next kiddo is born, I’m back on! I’m so ready to feel like I did when I was Somersizing. Carbs are delicious but awful.

  13. Annmarie Wildrick

    I found Get Skinny at a used bookstore for $2! Ive been over-eating for muos and am desperate to find a ‘diet’ that seemed ‘doable’ for me. Your comments have been very encouraging and ive decided to give it a start next wednesday when i get paid. Wish me strength. Ill keep u posted. Thanks, Annmarie

    • You can do it! I’ll start with you! I just had my second child a month ago, and I gained so much more weight with this one. It’s insane how overboard I went. I need to get back on track and start Somersizing again. I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I do it! I’m sure you’ll find that you have a ton more energy. Keep me posted! 🙂

      • Kimberly Cooper

        Ok girls I’m in I found the somersizing book at a discount bookstore think I picked it up for 12 bucks it’s the original one from the 1996. Reading through I’m a little confused about the cheeses which is my fav. I get that it is a protein / fat and I also get that it’s a carb… so does that mean I can put ham and cheese roll ups together? yes I think so…. but does that also mean that I can put cream cheese on a carbo cracker? yes I think so too. I don’t think almond milk was around when she wrote the book so I wonder if I should list it as a non dairy creamer or keep it in the proteins or skip it altogether cuz nuts are a no no. I am excited to try it I have done every diet , no really every diet. I do love me some wine but I guess sacrifice will probably be worth it. I have just passed the 200 mark and the only way to go now is back down. We leave on a cruise in 2 months’ it’s our first vacation in several years. I am 48 now and would love to be able to fit into a smaller size and not see those bat wings in my pictures. You’re all very inspirational wish me luck and may God bless you all.

      • Ham and cheese together is generally fine. Here is the link to Suzanne’s site, which breaks down the weirder cheese issues.

        My general rule for cheese – regular, delicious, non-sliced cheese – is that it’s fine to eat with veggies, protein, and fat, but not with carbs. Leaves out the pasta and cheese sauces, but you can eat cheese with so many other things that it’s fine.

        I’ve started back doing Somersize, and I lost 5 lbs. in a week! You will not regret this lifestyle change! Happy Somersizing! 🙂

  14. Hello, I have decided to start somersizing again and just pulled my “Eat Great, Lose Weight” book out. I Just found your blog and glad to know others are still having success with this way of eating. I remember my sister and I did very well with it many years ago and after some significant recent weight gain, I need to get back on it as soon as possible!! Making my shopping list out now. Wish you all much success!!

  15. So I did this Somersize diet about 3 years ago after I had my daughter and lost all the weight and it was pretty easy. Now ive gained quite a few pounds back and cant seem to get myself through the first couple days of Somersizing without quitting. I should mention I am a nurse so I have to eat “on the go” a lot and I dont like to cook! 😦 any suggestions would be VERY helpful 🙂

    • Unfortunately, I’m not sure that I have any truly great suggestions! I’m in a somewhat similar boat. I just had my third in three years (!) and have gained most of the weight back, as well. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t down about it. I know what I need to do to get back on track, but honestly, finding the time is tough! It’s beyond tough, really – it’s pretty much impossible right now.

      My only real thought would be that if you have time, like on a day off, pre-make some easy, Somersize-approved meals that you can take with you. I’m going to try this as soon as I have weekend time to actually sit down and accomplish this. I’m hoping once the littlest is about six months, time will be somewhat easier to come by.

      Good luck!!!!!

  16. I have been doing Ideal Protein on and off for about a year now. It is expensive and many of the foods are not “real” foods. In fact, they contain a great deal of soy in them. I only have about 10 pounds to lose and I am so tired of being all consumed by Ideal Protein. It is an all or nothing, very strict & regimented diet. I remembered doing food combining after my third child and I was successful. But, like anything that becomes comfortable, I began to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the boundaries of the diet and wondered why it wasn’t working. DUH! Well, I have pulled out my old books and I am re-reading the plan with intentions of getting back on the Suzanne Somers plan tomorrow. It JUST WORKS! Be sure to give yourself some grace with having a new little one to take care of as well as 2 other children in the mix. You will get back to the plan – when the time is right. Thanks for reminding me how great this program is because it is about eating wholesome, real food and still getting results!!

    • Hi, Margery!

      I’m so glad you’re going to get back on Somersize! It just works so darn well! It’s time for me to do it. I’m way past the point of being comfortable with my weight, and my body is giving me insulin resistance cues. I can just tell, and I know that within a week of starting Somersize, I’ll be feeling about 150% better. It’s just so hard to go wrong with a lifestyle where you eat real food and feel full without having to count calories or points or buy some prepackaged meal or shake. Somersize is the only “diet” I’ve ever done that felt like it was the right thing to be doing, long-term.

      I wish you nothing but the best of success! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to post!

  17. I am starting back on Somersizing today! It worked for me SO well back in 2000 and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get back on track.I’m so thrilled to see you are going to be on it as well.I can’t wait to feel ‘the melt’ begin and to get some energy and confidence back!!

    • I will admit that I have had a harder time this go around. I love doing it, but I cook a lot more on it, and I just honestly haven’t had the time lately. My husband and I are going through a divorce, and with three kids under three to look after on top of it, time for cooking is something that doesn’t happen much! I need to start doing more cooking on the weekend and just having my Somersize-compatible meals ready for Monday. I’ll get it figured out!

      Good luck to you! It’s so easy to do once you get going! I believe it was Confucius who said that the greatest journey begins with the first step. It’s getting that first step! 🙂

  18. I’m still working on that first step as well.I’ve had a setback personally and just like you have not been cooking the way I need to for Somersizing.I’m going to the grocery today and am going to try and make that fresh start.I have my Doctor on board so someone to be accountable to 🙂

  19. Wow you wrote this blog in 2011 and readers continue to respond . Amazing! I somersized back in high school, lost the weight and now married with 2 kids….back at it again. This is giving me the motivation to make it happen. So thank you very much for writing this post!

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, I think this has been my most popular post over the years. I’m glad people are still into Somersizing because it really does work and make you feel great! Good luck getting back into it!

  20. Hi Marge, I started today Somersizing, reading the books, and going to go for it. I am overweight and have never really lost much weight. But I am going to do it.

    • I think you’ll really like it, once you get going with it. For me, once I got past the sugar cravings – and they don’t last that long – I didn’t feel deprived at all. Actually, I ate a lot, and I lost a ton of weight. This is probably the only “diet” I’ve ever done that didn’t make me feel like I was starving myself.

      Good luck! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the energy you get back and how good you feel after just the first week!

      • Thank you so much, so I have been doping great now today is the third day, Phase 1, I have completely take out carbs, can you give me good snack ideas? Don’t know what to have for snack, or is it you don’t have snack, I am still reading the book.

      • I don’t really snack much. You can, although I think the book recommends sticking to meals as much as possible.

        I did fat-free yogurt, cheese cubes, salads with bacon… Honestly, I ate a LOT of cheese! I’m not a great cook though, and I don’t enjoy doing it.

        My recommendation is to check out this link:
        You can download a 143-page PDF file with Somersize recipes. Not all of them are phase one, but it should give you some ideas. There are veggie dips, smoothies – all kinds of stuff that would probably be suitable for snacking. I tried a couple off of it – don’t hold me to which ones, it’s been a while! – and they were good.

  21. I have just started the Somersize way of life. I’m not calling it a diet because to diet sounds like you have to “die” to do it. it maybe just a word but the first week I lost 3 inches off my waistline and 5 pounds. yes I know a lot of that was water weight and bloat but good riddance! I have not been hungry. I eat til I’m full and amazingly I stay that way for a long time. i’m eating the way I actually like to eat, just changing the combinations. I feel better than I have in a long time and my energy has rebounded incredibly! i walked some stairs last night that usually give me a fit and I went up them like nothing! I have a long way to go but happy with the beginning!

    • That feeling is awesome! I’m glad the lifestyle change is going well! Somersizing is frankly fabulous, and I’m glad you’re already seeing results! Keep it up! 🙂

  22. sharon forsman

    hello i just came across your blog. i am really enjoying reading it. i started about 7years ago. and i loved it. and then things happen in life and i got really sidetracked. so now i am starting thing that helps me with sweets and carbs is when i really need something sweet, in the morning i have non fat sugar free pudding.. i find it keeps me on track. and i count it for my carb meal a couple of times a week. i do have a very long way to go, but at least i am not just thinking about it. thank you for your site.

    • I’m glad you like it, Sharon! Thanks for reading!

      And I totally understand what you meant about life happening and getting sidetracked. It’s a constant war I fight with myself, unfortunately.

  23. I Somerized about 10 years ago and about 30lbs, then life got in the way and I’m fat again and some! Did try lowfat diets and guess what the don’t work! Anyway, this week dug out my old books, and felt inspired again, the food is so good. Found your blog by chance what a great inspiration.

    • I’m so glad you’re getting back on it, and I’m glad you found some inspiration! And I totally get the “life got in the way” thing! Happened to me, too!

  24. Dawn Jones

    I just started this week (again after many years)… I lost 3.8 lbs from Tuesday – Saturday. Very excited. Haven’t had any coffee (and for me this was absolutely hard – I drank 3-4 cups / day with flavored creamers – and that’s a NO NO here!!!) I’m excited about losing this weight and having a great summer! Thanks for the link with the additional recipes. I love to cook and need lots of variety!!!

    • That is awesome that you have seen such great results so fast! It’s really motivating! Thanks for stopping by, and best wishes for continued good health and movement towards your goals! 🙂

  25. The no caffeine and no alcohol is stumbling block for me. Any comments?

    • I struggle with those two bugbears too, and here’s my two cents: drink black coffee or tea, if you want/need to. I don’t know if I could make it through the work week without caffeine, at this point.

      I’m not much of a drinker during the week, but I think you could get away with a glass of dry red here and there. I would maybe avoid the fruitier reds just because I would expect that they have a higher sugar content.

      I will say that if caffeine coming from diet soda is a struggle for you, I would strongly consider toughing it out. I have long been a soda fiend. I’m doing another low-carb diet right now that allows for caffeine but not any artificial sweetener beyond stevia. I cut the soda for two weeks, and it improved a LOT of things, especially digestion-related. I gave in and drank a few this week because work was awful and I forgot my tea two days in a row. There is something in diet soda that works on me, so I think I’m going to have to avoid it.

      I do not think that drinking caffeine will impact your weight loss in any appreciable way. I’ve been doing this other low-carb thing for about three weeks, and I’ve lost almost 15 lbs. Caffeine won’t slow your roll, in my experience, but everyone is different.

      Good luck!

  26. I am just starting to Somersize and I can’t wait to reach my goal weight! I have about 35 pounds I want to lose. Thank you all for posting your experiences with this program. And especially, thank you Marge for starting this comments column. BTW, how are you doing these days?

    • Hi, Laura! Good luck with the new adventure! You’ll do great! Somersize remains my favorite “lifestyle change.”

      I am doing very well, thanks for asking! I’ve lost quite a bit of weight this year and started running this year. About to head down to the treadmill right now, actually. It feels pretty excellent to be back in the saddle!

  27. I am glad I found a place that talks about somorsizing that is up to date. All others are at least 10 years old. I stared the diet 3 days ago. I too gained lots of weight, always hungry, sleepy and exhausted all the time. Hit rock bottom. I have been feeling great full of energy, satisfied , not hungry, and not tired all the time. Haven’t checked the scale. Old habits die hard still terrified to look.

    • Good for you for getting back after it! Face the dragon! You’ll feel better after you do! You’re going to do great! Keep focusing on the fact that you feel better, replace the bad with good, and you got it! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Great! I hope it works for you. I tried SS recently and I found that I just couldn’t eat the carb meals at all without some fat. I actually felt sick when I tried to do that. Also, I don’t think that for me there were many foods to choose from. I am going back to the ” Let’s Do Lunch” program. I lost a lot of weight on that plan a few years ago and I didn’t have to eat fruit separately. I could also eat corn and beans and air-popped popcorn, and use spray butter on just about anything. I remember many evenings eating my fill of frozen grapes after a big bowl of light popcorn sprayed with butter! LOL! Like SS there is no portion control. I’m not saying that any reducing plan is easy, but LDL was the easiest of all to me and it took off weight. I do have respect for the SS program and I wish you and everyone much luck in losing all the weight you have to lose. Everyone is different and I know that Somersizing is a good program, but it just wasn’t for me.

      • Good luck on LDL! I definitely think everyone has their ideal program, and I know Somersizing isn’t for everyone. It’s all about finding something that works and having consistent success with it!

  28. Hi. Does Somersizing allow for a cheat day?

    • You mean “Faturday” a la the Slow Carb Diet? Somersize does not have cheat days in the weight loss phase, although the rules are less stringent in maintenance.

      I personally think that, if you need a cheat day, you could get away with it. I love Faturday, but I can’t say that it worked well for me. It slowed my weight loss quite a bit, but from what I’ve read online, that tends to be truer for women than men. I say you should do whatever works for you, and if having a cheat day once a week keeps you honest the rest of the time, go for it. I’m all for doing what works.

      I also wrote a follow-up post comparing Slow Carb and Somersize and answering some questions I’ve had over the years about Somersizing, if that would be at all helpful.

  29. You’re not Somersizing, anymore? What happened to “I plan to stay on this system forever”? Also, in your estimation, how popular is this program nowadays?

    • Ever hear the expression, “The best laid plans of mice and men?” If sticking to things were easy, everyone would be thin, rich, and in satisfying relationships.

      I don’t think Somersize is that popular anymore, assuming that it ever was.

  30. Happy New Year to everyone! Let’s make it our goal to get thinner and healthier in 2017!

  31. Is this blog still active

  32. Thanks for responding. I have been on somersizing on and off for years. It just really does seem like the easiest way to lose weight for me. The only problem sometimes I overeat cheeses and other fats. I want this to be a success. I enjoyed reading your blog

    • Thanks, Gee! Yes, I have done it on and off for quite a while, too. I still think it’s the best long-term lifestyle for weight loss and maintenance. I’ve tried a couple of other low-carb diets, but I seem to drift back to Somersize, ultimately.

  33. I am going to do what you suggested to be mostly good but I still want 2 glasses of wine on the weekend. I know this will slow the process but I think I will stick to it better with a little reward now and then.

  34. Brenda Mahoney

    Hey Is this blog thang still active?

  35. I enjoy somersizing. I do feel sick for the first 3 days, but it is a motivation to not eat donuts because I don’t want to go through the “icky” feeling again. I like that I can have pumpernickel bread. Glad I found this blog.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I haven’t updated in ages and hadn’t had plans to, but I’m about to restart Somersize tomorrow. It remains the lifestyle change that I’ve had the greatest success with over time. I’m ready to feel good again!

  36. Hi Marge! ARe you still out there running this blog?

  1. Pingback: Somersize Redux: An Ode to My Most Popular Post | Mostly Margaret (Maybe)

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