Bad Decisions Leading to Good Ones

I actually had the whole weekend off this past weekend.  It was going to be glorious.  I had everything worked out.  I went to Busan to get my hair cut.  Well, I asked for her to do it shorter,since I knew that I wouldn’t be back for a bit, but going shorter was the NOT the great idea that I thought it would be.  My hair looks better a wee bit longer.  Well, win some, lose some.

I came home to an empty apartment because Graeme was out having dinner with a friend.  Great, I thought.  An evening to myself.  Not quite.  Graeme and James came back here for a bit because it was a bit early to go to Jazz Bar.  My dreams of a night watching crappy ghost hunting shows (go head, judge me, I deserve it) was ruined, at least temporarily.  The boys had beer and, me being me, I stuck my snout right into it.

Long story short, I ended up heading to Changwon solo to go out to the bars. I spent most of the night at BK Bar (formerly Kevin’s Bar), and had a good time.  Honestly, I didn’t drink all that much, but the big problem was that I didn’t eat any dinner.  The boys came home before I could cook anything for myself.  Big mistake.  I really should have picked up something to eat.  I ended up completely smashed and barfing on myself.

I am nearly 28 years old.  This is hardly the first time I’ve had too much to drink.  My year in Germany was populated with incidents like this.  Well, except that I usually ate obnoxious amounts of food on top of the beer.  The point that I’m making is that I’m certainly old enough to know better.  I’d say that I’m still too young to care, but that’s not true, either.

Making an ass of yourself in public is not cool, nor is the 24-hour hangover that now accompanies such ridiculous demonstrations of my lack of self-control.  It took almost 24 hours for me to feel better.  My cousin Julie warned me that someday hangovers would last for two days, and she was right.  I’m not 18 anymore, and I shouldn’t be running around town, carrying on like I am.  It has been 10 years since I went to university, and it is time to get a new schtick.  Drunk, dumb Margaret is going to the “27 Club.”  She is no longer useful to me and, in fact, is an annoying distraction that detracts from my life.  Simply put: I’m too old for this shit.

So I’m making a resolution: I’m not drinking anymore.  I will allow myself two days a year to imbibe, and then not to tragic excess.  For one thing, alcohol is all empty calories and sugar.  With the exception of a red wine with dinner, Somersizing pretty much says, “Don’t drink; you’ll get fat.”  Fair enough.  I don’t care about having red wine with most dinners anyway, so that’s not much of a problem for me.  Actually, not drinking isn’t much of a problem for me, since ordinarily, we don’t keep booze in the house, and I don’t really have the notion to drink that often.

Whatever the case, I’m doing it for my health.  I’m on such a health kick with everything else, why not just eliminate the booze, too?  It’s not that I want to be one of those teetotaler types who acts saintly about not drinking, because that’s not how I really feel about it.  I like good (expensive) beer, and I like whiskey and margaritas.  I can really take or leave most wines, as they generally give me headaches.  I’d honestly rather just drink water or something.  It tastes better, and it doesn’t make me feel like the living dead.

Bottom line is: I’m done.  I’m done acting a fool.  I’m just done.  I don’t want to do it anymore.  If I’m going to indulge in something ridiculous, I’d rather have a gigantic piece of dangerously chocolate cake or a freaking huge Chipotle burrito.  Do you know what I would give for one of those burritos today?  About $25.  Normally, they’re about $8.  That’s how much I love them, and that’s how much I wish they were available here.  Mexican food.  What a beautiful choice.


About Marge

I started this blog when I was an American expat living in Changwon, South Korea. I also spent time in France and Germany, and a good portion of my twenties were spent overseas. I clicked my heels together back in 2013 and decided there was no place like home, home being Jacksonville, Illinois. We'll see how I feel in another two years. My ex-husband and I met in Korea. He's English, and we have three daughters together. He's there, and the kids and I are here. When I'm not wearing the "Mom" hat, I enjoy reading, writing, playing my 12-string guitar, sailing, canoeing, and various other nerdy pursuits. I like bourbon and beer, music and concerts, good conversation, museums of all sorts, beaches, comfortable tennis shoes and Chacos, libertarian political theory, and creme brûlée. The Rons are my heroes - Ron Paul and Ron Swanson. I hate Radiohead, home parties, that weird peachy hairspray smell from Bath & Body Works that makes me gag, SJW logic (there is none), and giant rims.

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  1. Nice blog! I totally agree with you. I’m going through that right now 😦 I need to learn how to just give alcohol up. I hate acting stupid and foolish.

  2. Cheers! I’ve found lately that having a kid is pretty much the best way to ensure that social drinking is a thing of the past. Sigh.

    It’s tough to give it up. I love my drinks, but I feel so much better without it on the regular, and I know that I’m healthier. I used to have colds all the time from going out and smoking and drinking too much, but I almost never get sick anymore. That in itself is worth it for me.

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