And the Winner Is…

It was eerily quiet at work today.  I was expecting a lot of kerfuffle about the election, but alas… The silence was deafening.  Even my cube mate who told me during the primaries that I wasn’t raised right was oddly silent.  She didn’t even have an “I Voted” sticker on.  None of my agents commented on it.  It was a little bit, well, weird.

Not that I’m complaining.  I think we all know I gave the polls a wide berth today.  Hell, I’m actually not sure where I’m even supposed to vote in my precinct.  Probably the senior center.

Despite my non-voting, I’m watching the results trickle in.  It’s early yet, and we don’t have the left coast in.  I hear Clinton was expected to be at an early disadvantage, and that may be true, but just looking at the electoral college, Trump is ahead by what I would consider a fairly significant margin right now, and he’s got Ohio and Michigan, and possibly North Carolina.  Florida, well… We all know how Florida is.  Missouri has long been called the bellwether state for accurately reflecting the election results for the past century, excepting 1956.  Missouri is showing up red.

I’ll be honest: I have never given a Trump presidency any actual consideration.  I always figured his odds of winning were so slim and, frankly, the Clintons so obviously criminal, that he wouldn’t have a snowball’s shot in hell.  Maybe I was wrong.  Heh.  Wouldn’t that be something?  The lil’ asshole in me thinks it would be hilarious if Donald J. Trump emerged the victor tomorrow.  I mean, seriously, who would Hillary have killed for that?  Would it vanquish her once and for all?  I have to think so; her health is clearly in decline.

Oh my God.  A world where Hillary Clinton didn’t get to be president.  Now that is an idea I don’t hate.  And no, it’s not because I’m a self-hating woman or something.  I just legit think she’s a murdering, evil bitch with no soul, and I don’t like her.  I don’t like her coke-snorting, philandering husband, either.  I also didn’t like the Bushes or Obama, and I’m not a slave to the Reagan cult.  Nope.  Just generally don’t like any of the presidents.  I do have a weird little soft spot for the ole Iron Lady, but she made her missteps.  Point is, I loathe Hillary Clinton.  Always have, always will.

Trump is just like a walking joke to me.  He’s like an orange marshmallow in a wig and a suit.  So strange.  I haven’t really even heard him speak because I have avoided all coverage of the election.  I will, however, make this observation: Holy shit, the media hates this guy.

Now, you all know that I’m not a secret Trump supporter.  I didn’t vote for either of them or Johnson or Stein or anyone else.  I don’t have a horse in the race because I ride my own damn horse, and I ride it in the opposite direction from Capitol Hill.  But the bias in the media is just… I mean, it’s kind of comical.  I feel like, as someone who honestly doesn’t care about either candidate for anything further than SNL joke fodder, they really are trying to sway the people against him – even though the votes are now, by and large, cast.

I have read through articles from several outlets, and all I’m seeing, even from Fox, is that Trump can’t win and that he is obviously behind.  Well… From where I’m sitting… It actually appears that he is, numerically anyway, winning.  Now that’s not to say that he will win.  I don’t know who will win, although my suspicion from day one has been that Clinton will have it and that she’ll steal it even if she doesn’t actually win it.  But I could be wrong.  I’m no pundit, and I’m no analyst.  But I can read polls and numbers, and I know that what my eyes are seeing do not match what I’m reading.

Whatever happened to just reporting?  Here is Trump.  He has x number of electoral votes.  Here is Clinton.  She has y number of electoral votes.  But there is so much speculation surrounding any little thing that it seems like this giant, overblown thing. Stick to the facts.  Let the people decide.  Stop trying to influence them.

Shifting gears a little bit, I was talking to my aunt for a minute when I went to pick the kids up.  She and my uncle went and voted after they dropped the kids off at preschool.  She asked me when I had gone to vote, and I pointed at my Emma Goldman shirt, and she remembered then.

She shrugged and smiled.  “Well… It’s just something you do.  My mom and dad always took us with them when they went to vote.  They said it was important.”

The notion that voting is important is so ingrained in the American psyche.  Even when you point out using actual, written-down numbers that a single vote doesn’t matter at all, people just laugh and say, “Well, it’s just something I do.” They make it sound as mundane as putting on underpants or brushing one’s teeth.  And actually, I think that’s the reaction that the system counts on us having.

Holy shit.  The states are closing out their counts, and damn if this isn’t actually a little bit exciting!  It’s like watching one of my Forex trades as it pushes closer to take profit.  … You know… Trump has it, if he can hang onto Michigan, Wisconsin, and NC.  He got Florida.

I was going to say some more smartly intelligent things about voting, but you know, I think I’m going to cut it off here.  I’m calling it: Donald Trump will be our next president.  I wouldn’t have thought it.  I will be surprised, at this point, if Hillary gets it.  I’m not going to lie, folks.  I am not excited about a Trump presidency (or any presidency), but there are very few things I would like more than to hear the demonic screams emanating from Sister Frigidaire tonight.


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I started this blog when I was an American expat living in Changwon, South Korea. I also spent time in France and Germany, and a good portion of my twenties were spent overseas. I clicked my heels together back in 2013 and decided there was no place like home, home being Jacksonville, Illinois. We'll see how I feel in another two years. My ex-husband and I met in Korea. He's English, and we have three daughters together. He's there, and the kids and I are here. When I'm not wearing the "Mom" hat, I enjoy reading, writing, playing my 12-string guitar, sailing, canoeing, and various other nerdy pursuits. I like bourbon and beer, music and concerts, good conversation, museums of all sorts, beaches, comfortable tennis shoes and Chacos, libertarian political theory, and creme brûlée. The Rons are my heroes - Ron Paul and Ron Swanson. I hate Radiohead, home parties, that weird peachy hairspray smell from Bath & Body Works that makes me gag, SJW logic (there is none), and giant rims.

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